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What is Art Worship?

Art Worship is the term given to the artistic expression that accompanies praise and worship, or a sermon.




A Cinderella Inspired Wall Mural

A Cinderella Inspired Mural

An old friend of ours came back into our lives recently. His family moved into a wonderful new neighborhood. It’s the kind of neighborhood you would see in a movie. Your All-American neighborhood. Tall trees growing toward each other on either side of the road, casting a wonderful shadow as you drive  down the winding roads. On your front yard, you will have leaf upon leaf, falling ever so gently from the tree branches above.

For any young girl, this all-American neighborhood is an enchanted forest with various cottages full of singing dwarfs, birds, or rabbits. A drive down the road is full of mystery and wonder.

When our friend, Jermain, called us a few weeks ago, he asked if we could come by sometime. He gave us a tour of his new home. Scattered boxes, shoes, clothes, and toys gave us the impression that this home was indeed welcoming new owners. More importantly, this home was a home for small children to grow up in.

Jermain walked us upstairs and led us down a small hallway to his daughter’s bedroom. A light pink shade covered a formerly grey wall. His daughter’s room was missing something… Jermain had a vision of what he wanted his daughter’s room to look like. The problem was, only he understood that vision. His wife and I stood nearby as he tried, very animatedly, to demonstrate how he wanted the wall to look. We jumped from curtain to curtain design, and somehow circus tents came up in conversation.

I ended up designing my two designs based on what we could mutually understand. We agreed that a Cinderella inspired mural would work for the little girl, with birds holding up the curtains, like in Cinderella’s world. Below are the sketches, along with the results of the mural.


Cinderella-Mural7 Cinderella-Mural-6 Cinderella-Mural3 Cinderella-Mural-2

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