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What is Art Worship?

Art Worship is the term given to the artistic expression that accompanies praise and worship, or a sermon.




Acrylic Paints Vs. Oil Paints
There are several types of paint used by artists worldwide. The top two that come to mind, of course, are acrylic paints and oil paints. So, for those of you who are not familiar with these two, you may ask, what is the difference? Without getting all scientific on the chemistry of each, I will explain: Acrylic paints (my preferred medium) are water-based paints that are fast drying.
Painting of…Jesus? Not Even Close
Talk about a fresco restoration gone so, sooo wrong! The other day I was looking up videos or articles on fresco work. I have never done any work with frescoes before, so I was curious about how it is done and such. I typed in a few different phrases, and accidentally arrived at this article from last year: In the church of Santuario de Misericordio in Borja, Spain, a woman in her ...
Sketch Notes vs Graphic Recording
There are two forms of illustrative note-taking that an artist may use while listening to a speaker. One term is graphic recording, and another is creating sketch notes. (Some of my blog readers may be familiar with the sketch notes simply because I share many of my notes through the blog.) So what is the difference, and what is preferred? Graphic recording, not to be confused with graphic facilitation, is translating complex ...
SketchNotes- A Way to Remember
Sketch notes are a way for me to wholly express what I am feeling, thinking, and what I see by incorporating it into writing. I came to this accidental discovery when I was an anatomy student several years ago. My instructor, Dr. Wray, would explain muscle movements and muscle to bone interaction so well in class, but once I left the classroom, I would have a hard time remembering.
Art for Sale, Performance, FOOD!
Hello all! My family-friendly art exhibit/sale, and live performance is this Saturday June 29th, 7-9pm at 535 Tovrea, suite 104 (aka Ooh La La Crepes) come hungry and bring friends!
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