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What is Art Worship?

Art Worship is the term given to the artistic expression that accompanies praise and worship, or a sermon.




Sketch Notes- James Chapter 3
My CARE group at church is going through a series on the book of James. The book of James has been one of my favorite books for years.. Ever since, as a teenager, I was challenged to memorize all five chapters. The reward was what any teenager’s parents would love- free week at summer camp!
SketchNotes- The Purpose of Proverbs
SketchNotes- The Purpose of Proverbs Sketchnotes have taken a break here on our blog! Why? Our church did a movie series that would have faced copyright issues, so no videos or notes are posted for it online. For that reason, I chose not to re-create the service in sketch notes format. Instead, I sat back and enjoyed the movies! We are now wrapping up the “@Solomonknows” series, so I have been editing ...
Sketch Notes vs Graphic Recording
There are two forms of illustrative note-taking that an artist may use while listening to a speaker. One term is graphic recording, and another is creating sketch notes. (Some of my blog readers may be familiar with the sketch notes simply because I share many of my notes through the blog.) So what is the difference, and what is preferred? Graphic recording, not to be confused with graphic facilitation, is translating complex ...
Sketchnotes- Pray Like Jesus- Part 1
The following set of sketchnotes are from the first week of the Pray Like Jesus series. I found the message here on the New Hope website. It’s got some good stuff. Pastor Tim knows how to bring the word!
Sketchnotes- Pray Like Jesus- Worry About Nothing
My family and I are new to a church called “New Hope,” pastored by Tim Liston. We took a few weeks off when Ramsey was born, but we’ve been back lately and love it. I had the courage of taking my ipad to service with me recently. “Courage?” you ask..? Well here’s the thing… I am a sketch note artist along with being an ...
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