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What is Art Worship?

Art Worship is the term given to the artistic expression that accompanies praise and worship, or a sermon.




SketchNotes- The Purpose of Proverbs
SketchNotes- The Purpose of Proverbs Sketchnotes have taken a break here on our blog! Why? Our church did a movie series that would have faced copyright issues, so no videos or notes are posted for it online. For that reason, I chose not to re-create the service in sketch notes format. Instead, I sat back and enjoyed the movies! We are now wrapping up the “@Solomonknows” series, so I have been editing ...
Sketchnotes- Pray Like Jesus Part 6 & 7
There are moments where I find myself totally and completely sucked into a message. In those times, I find that I have a stylus in one hand, and an iPad on my lap, creating sketchnotes. God is so good. He’s wired my brain a little differently, and I love to share The Word as i hear it.
Sketch notes -Pray Like Jesus- Part 5
A few weeks ago I finally went to church armed with my iPad and stylus. I was determined to get my sketchnotes of the sermon. Sure enough, I did! What I got out of the message was this: sometimes there are obstacles that come our way. We fail to let go of the issue and instead, we sit on it and tell ourselves we can fix the situation.
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